Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Rare Disease Day 2013

There are more than 7000 rare diseases and conditions affecting a huge number of people around the globe. In a world where the main causes of disease and death have already efficient therapies, governments, academy and the pharma industry are now pointing the light to these large group of conditions. In fact, we have been witnessing an increasing number of new therapies targeting rare conditions becoming available lately.

However, much is yet to achieve. That's why it is fundamental to highlight the importance of the challenge of discovering and creating new therapies and the relevance of improving the care for an area with still so much unmet needs.

On next February 28th, organizations from all over the world will be talking and discussing about rare diseases.

This will be a great opportunity to raise the voice. Together, parents and advocacy groups can do more towards the research for therapies and improvement of care for these many conditions.

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